Monday , June 18 2018
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Sitka Gear Jetstream Jacket, An Armor Against The Wind

I just wanted to share a quick note about one of the products we carry. The Sitka Gear Jetstream Jacket, an amazing hunting piece of technology. Ever have those cold bitter winds pierce right through you and the clothing you wear? Those days are over!! Lined with Gore-tex windstopper, it truly cuts out every ounce of wind. Having tested this item myself at the Gore-tex factory in Maryland, it was truly amazing to hold an air nozzle right up to the material and not have any wind/air come through the Gore-tex membrane. At the same time it allows your body to breathe and perspiration to escape, its unreal. Check out the Sitka Gear Jetstream products, they will change your outdoor experience.

Sitka Gear Jetstream Jacket with Windstopper


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