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Sitka Gear Dew Point- Lightweight, Packable, Waterproof

Sitka Gear Dew Point- Lightweight, Packable, Waterproof

Sitka Gear Dew point JacketLooking for lightweight, packable and waterproof hunting gear? Try the Sitka Gear Dew Point , it is Lightweight, Packable and Waterproof and at only 14oz, it’s no wonder Sitka Gear is the number one choice for hunters and outdoor enthusiast!

Perfect for early archery season. I will use this in the mornings and evenings when it is cool out. Then shed it and it’s light I can pack it in case I need it for those afternoon rain showers. During the later winter months I use with base layers to be as light as possible giving me the protection I need even in the nastiest weather.

Today we have the opportunity to be more comfortable in the field with better gear. Lighter weight means I can go further faster when I want to. The older I get the more this is important to me. We do a lot of packing into the wilderness areas in Arizona. I have to have light weight gear, it allows me to bring more of what I want to and stay out there longer.

The GORE-TEX fabric offers maximum weather protection and breathability. The articulated design moves with you seamlessly. I really like the Full side zips, it allows me to cool down when I need to. It is 2-way stretch, Welded watertight zippers and the fabric finish is DWR (soft shell) for quietness, which is critical for the archer.

I know they say it’s breathable, I don’t agree with that in the sense that it can shed the moisture from sweating faster than we can produce because no waterproof jacket can. But, the arm pits unzip to allow you to also use that to breath. I always wear a merino wool base layer for comfort and if I do get too much moisture I don’t get cold in cold weather.


If you need any assistance in Sitka Gear or any other Premium Hunting Gear call us. We don’t just sell our products, we use them!

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