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Sitka Gear Clothing – New Premium Hunting Gear: Sitka Gear Traverse Zip T Waterfowl!

Sitka Gear Traverse ZipIt’s no secret that Sitka Gear Clothing is a new favorite among sport hunters, and their latest Traverse Zip T waterfowl outerwear is another must-have item for any premium hunting gear collection.
Furthermore, the waterfowl camo pattern is one of the newest shades by Sitka Gear, providing a more naturally camouflaged design for hunters. Aside from the new traverse zip T, this new and improved waterfowl camo design is featured on their latest premium gear hunting packs, small day packs, and much more!

Read on to learn more about benefits of this latest line of Sitka Gear Traverse Shirts!

Comfortable Fit for Less Restricted Hunting

Being able to move quickly and freely is a major concern for hunters who need to replace their worn hunting clothes. Fortunately, Sitka Gear Clothing in particular is one of the most comfortable brands of hunting clothes on the market. And while the Sitka Gear Traverse Zip T Waterfowl Camo fits securely, it’s made from a special lightweight material that doesn’t bog hunters down while they’re out in the field!

Another significant factor when buying comfortable hunting clothes is freedom of movement and flexibility. This is especially critical for sudden movements in the field, like quickly moving those arms or hoisting up a rifle while trying to get a shot. Plus this special Traverse Zip T shirt already has a lot of give to it, and there’s even special thumb holes in the sleeves for hunters with longer arms.
Since hunters have to think quickly on their feet, their hunting clothes should be the last thing that distracts them from their shot!

Stay Warm For Cold Weather Hunting

The new Sitka Gear Traverse Zip T Waterfowl is another great grab-n-go hunting shirt to have ready on-hand. Plus, this new offering is ideal for temperate weather conditions, and even colder seasons as well! Not only is it wind resistant, it also holds in quite a bit of heat, making it a perfect item to layer under different outerwear for extra warmth or just wear as is for cool weather hunts.

Special Features

On the front of the Traverse Zip T is a special “welded” chest pocket which provides hunters with a quick and efficient option for storing and retrieving small tools. Hunters can easily store pocket knives, smartphones, duck calls, chap-stick, Neosporin, or any other small yet important accessories.
Don’t miss your chance to add some exclusive Sitka Gear Clothing to your premium hunting gear collection today!

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