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Seeking Predator Calling Tips

I have hunted predators here in Arizona for a number of years but I always like to talk with other people about what they do for success, and new techniques.  For my first few years I had a wooden Carlton call that seemed to work out OK, I had success with it but not as much as I wanted too.  After a few years I stepped it up to a Fox Pro wireless system, and havent had one ounce of  luck with it.  I estimate I had 30 to 40 stands with it, and never produced any luck.  I was finding that they were coming in and stopping about 150 yds out when I would check the perimiter after a stand.  Now I read and see success stories all the time of people having great luck with Fox Pr0 calls, perhaps there is something I am doing wrong with my techniques.  I have only used a battery operated decoy a handful of times and it did not make much difference  at all.  Since then I have returned back to using mouth calls.  I do use dead down wind, and I do keep remote calls  20 to 30 yds away from me.  I dont usually call for longer than 5 to 6 minutes at a time before I head out to make another stand.   Any information or assistance would be great.  I am looking for helpful tips on both mouth calls and tips on using remote calls to increase my success.  I would love to hear what products you use and what you have done to increase your success.  Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rhett Connolly

Santana Outdoors

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  1. I enjoy calling the predators in rather than using decoys; it always works, not only for one, but for many animals. Don’t know what to say about the electronic ones, though.

    • Thanks for your input, I really appreciate the comments. It seems like a technique that could be a game changer depending on the time of year and location you are in. Its not a must, but can make a difference.

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