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Santana Outdoors Blog, enter for a chance to win

Santana Outdoors Blog, enter for a chance to win

Join our new before June 1st and have a chance to win $200 towards an Eberlestock, Badlands Pack or Sitka Gear backpack of your choice on .


Our blog will only focus on the best of the best. We will have product reviews of the best hunting and outdoors products available to make your next outdoor adventure even better. Please join in on the comments as we really want to hear your reviews and thoughts to make gear even better. Also, we will highlight southwest hunting news and guides.


Here at Santana Outdoors we realize it is you the customer who makes us successful, and we highly value your opinions and the business you send our way.  As a token of our appreciation, and as a celebration of the grand opening of our new blog, we are offering the chance to win $200 towards the pack of your choice, all you have to do is comment on any topic on our blog to have your name entered into the drawing! The winner will be announced on our blog about 7pm Az time on June 1st 2013.


We are always looking for new products, if you see something out there that you recommend please let us know as we would love the opportunity to explore new items.


Thank You,

Eric Santana
“Premium Hunting and Tactical Gear”

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  1. Good products and excellent service!

  2. Looking forward to reading this blog and checking out all the new gear! Thanks for the invite!

    • Hi! I bought my boyfriend a Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket this winter. All I can say is that he has been “thanking me” profusely for months 🙂 I plan on coming here to get him a pair of gloves, but if he had a Sitka pack, I’d be the best girlfriend EVER! He absolutely loves his jacket, the cut, design, no-bulk elbows and completely wind proof up to 100mph material impressed him completely. There isn’t a single thing about it he would change or has changed…and he is one of those guys who has to make small adjustments or modifications to make something “perfect”. I’m aware this is a random drawing, but I’m taking the chance because he needs a new pack really bad and there’s no other site on the Internet I’d buy from for Sitka gear. You guys know what you are doing and talking about…and I like that! Thanks for the chance! Lori

      • Thank you Lori, we appreciate your comments and wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck on the drawing. We greatly appreciate your business and appreciate you leaving such awesome feedback on the products as well.

        • Thanks! He doesn’t know I’ve done this, so it would be great! We have watched the backpack videos together and he describes what he wants as having a compression closing feature. Not sure which packs are best for what he’s wanting. He just came back from a dirt bike trip in the Moab and he wasn’t happy with his pack at all.

  3. I have had great service from you in the past. In the market for a new pack so will be following the blog and you website.

    • We appreciate you sharing those comments with us and all the viewers, and appreciate the business you have given us. If you need any assistance with choosing a pack please let us know.

  4. I have had a badlands pack for few years, great quality no problem with it. Although it would have been nice if it was lighter in weight. Hunting in the Colorado mountains, chasing after Elk, any amount of weight you can shave off counts.

  5. Try the sacrifice by badlands very light pack

  6. Glad to see you guys growing your business…top notch folks, great to do business with. I’ve purchased an Eberlestock pack and scabbard from you in the past and I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

  7. Eberlestock packs are great. I love my Blue Widow!

  8. Ordered a badlands sacrifice from you guys! Great purchase and buying experience! Top notch service start to finish!

    Thank you guys!

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