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  1. Hi Outdoorsmen, Welcome to our new blog. We will be bringing you the latest and best information on Premium Hunting Gear and hunting news. Thank you for visiting us.

    • Glad to see the blog as I look for current information on a weekly basis. Also, I just wanted express my satisfaction with your service when I purchased several Sitka items this past year. Sitka isgreat gear and I am happy you carrythe brand. Congrats on the blog.

    • I just want to echo some of the comments before me. Customer service has always been excellent from you guys. Great products. Great prices. Great service. Thanks. I look forward to reading the information posted here.

    • The reviews are well done and very informative; extremely helpful when maiking my buying descision.

  2. sweet buck jonnie

  3. Great to see reviews of products here. Always looking for the latest and greatest! Need a new pack before Fall,

  4. The blue widow has been an incredible pack for archery hunting here in Colorado. Great pack!

  5. Timothy Harrington

    Since you don’t have the Premium Gear thread up yet, may I suggest the “Mattax”. It is a great piece of camping gear. It was originally devised for the Army, and along with my entrenching tool goes everywhere I hike or camp in the outdoors.

    You can find it described here:

    I think this is the type of otherwise obscure but nifty gear that your customers would really appreciate seeing you offer.

  6. I really do like the look of this pack… got a chance to try it on at my local shop and feels great. If I end up passing my X2 onto someone, I will most likely pick this one up.

  7. It is great to see the growth and success of your company. Good selection and prices with fast shipping but still small enough to talk with Eric. Eric kept an eye on a back ordered item for me and shipped over night at no extra charge so that I would have the item for my hunt.

  8. Just wanted to leave a quick comment. I’ve received top quality gear at fair prices with great customer service from your outfit. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  9. Photo liked. Beautifully all. And hunters in Sitka. It is a pity that I am from Russia and I have to far. Thank you.

  10. Recently bought 2 eberlestock packs and some great Sitka gear from you guys. Great customer service with quality products!! Find to find all of that in one place these days.


  11. Excellent video! Love my Eberlestock!

  12. If eberlestock clothing is built half as well as their packs, it will be better than most of the competition.

  13. You guys are gonna cost me…I already am a proud owner of an operator and a gunslinger II that I love. This pack will definately have a place in my equipment arsenal. Time to start saving my pennies…

  14. I bought my first Badlands Kali pack from Santana Outdoors a couple of years back! Best pack ever and a great price too! It fits perfectly for a woman, by design. Now I’m working to persuade my husband to get one of the other models for him because I know it will be so much better than all the off- brands he keeps making do with.! Thanks Santana Outdoors 🙂

  15. I’m glad to see the pack reviews as I’m getting ready to gear up for Elk this Fall.

    Thanks for the super service in the past.

    • Thanks for checking out our reviews, we really appreciate the feedback. One question we have for our viewers is how do we do on time length? There is a tremendous amount of information to deliver, but at the same time we do not want to make them last forever, so let us know how we do on duration…thanks Steve.

  16. I am in the market for a new Eberlestock pack. I own the A1-X1 now. I have always had trouble finding a pack that fits me. I am 6’3” and most packs are just to short. I also need a pack to carry my custom rifle with a 28″ barrel. The only one that looks like might work is the J-107m. Do you guys stock these packs and can I drive up there and have you help me find the right fit? Where is your store?

    • Hi Jason, thanks for the reply. I think the Dragonfly and the J34 would be excellent choices, and would appear to suit your needs well. Yes we do stock all of the Eberlestock packs and accessories. We are up in Payson and if you want you can give me a call at 928-978-6139 and I can help you get to our warehouse where you can check out all the packs, try them on, etc etc. Feel free to bring your rifle and try out the scabbard and we can help adjust the shoulder straps to better fit your height, thanks again Jason.

  17. Great info on the outfitters, now I just need to draw a tag for one of those Arizona monsters!!!!!!!

  18. I really like your videos, they always help me make an informed purchase! I’m still loving the Eberlestock Half-track I purchased from you last year!

  19. Can’t imagine any of the packs being “better” than the eberle. Mine has held up for years under some pretty heavy loads and rough treatment. Factor in the cost difference and its the brand I recommend to every buddy of mine looking for a new pack. I have three eberlestocks and have bought two more as gifts. Can’t say enough good about them.

  20. I’d like to add a couple of questions to the list. As a guide and a hunter myself I have found these 2 questions to be the most important questions you can ask yourself and your guide.
    1: What are your expectations?
    2: What are your limitations?
    There is a lot to those questions. Yes it includes your expectations on what a trophy would be on your particular hunt but like mentioned in the 10 questions above, what will meet your expectations as far as food/ shelter/ hygiene/ transportation etc:
    The second question is one that requires some thought. I typically get an answer like oh don’t worry about me. I’ll go wherever we need to go. I can tell you from my experiences that by day 2 or 3 most ( not all) are begging to go sit water or just take it easy. Just remember the higher your expectations on trophy size means the higher expectations you have to put on yourself and your guide to do what it takes to hunt the best of the best animals. There is also so much more to that 2nd question. Do you take pills for a medical condition? Are you allergic to anything (food)? It is very hard for your guide to cater your hunt to your needs if you don’t tell him what your needs are. Be honest and give as much detail as you can. Likewise find out if your guide has any special needs that you should know about. You 2 are going to live together for several days out in the wild, safety is the #1 priority!!! If your guide is a diabetic you need to know this as he needs to know your medical needs.
    In my opinion the most successful hunt is one where guide and hunter form a bond that they will not soon forget and share experiences together that can only be found in the wild. On my own hunts I hunt as hard as I can from sunup to sundown and if by the end of the hunt I have not harvested an animal I have no regrets. I leave knowing I did everything I could and cherishing the memories made. Your opinions may vary.
    Spend some real time with these questions and I think your hunts will be more enjoyable.
    Happy hunting!!!

  21. Nice Video comparsion. Eberlestock makes a great pack!

  22. nate sigsworth

    I bought the elk hunter pack and I love it. Its going to be a great day and overnight pack. I loaded 50 pounds in it went for a short 3 mile hike, it felt great I can’t wait to see how it handles on a deer.

    • Thank you Nate, we love the design and all the function capabilities it has to offer. Its just a sweet versatile pack, and does great carrying a load. Because I bow hunt and rifle hunt, it is the perfect combination pack. Thanks again for the comments and feedback, have a great evening Nate.

  23. I’m excited to see the new Badlands packs. Especially the new 2200 and the Summit

    • Thanks John, we are too. Hoping to see them here pretty soon and hopefully get a review out on them both as soon as we can…stay tuned!! : )

  24. All three are great choices. My personal favorite is the Eberlestock.

  25. I *LOVE* my Eberlestock X3. I just recently got my matching Eberlestock Large Accessory Pouch from you folks and I couldn’t be happier! I’m beginning to build my Bug Out Bag/ Survival Bag and I would love to see some reviews of sleeping bags from you all, as well as some expended inventory as well! From low-end up to the high-end. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks Santana Outdoors, and congratulations on this great Blog! I will certainly add it to me Favorites.

    – Daniel

    • Thank you for the reply Daniel, and the feedback on your X3. We love to hear opinions from our customers and we are glad to hear you enjoy the product. We will be having many more reviews to come and will be sharing them with all of our customers, thanks again and have a great evening.

  26. Good products and excellent service!

  27. Looking forward to reading this blog and checking out all the new gear! Thanks for the invite!

    • Hi! I bought my boyfriend a Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket this winter. All I can say is that he has been “thanking me” profusely for months 🙂 I plan on coming here to get him a pair of gloves, but if he had a Sitka pack, I’d be the best girlfriend EVER! He absolutely loves his jacket, the cut, design, no-bulk elbows and completely wind proof up to 100mph material impressed him completely. There isn’t a single thing about it he would change or has changed…and he is one of those guys who has to make small adjustments or modifications to make something “perfect”. I’m aware this is a random drawing, but I’m taking the chance because he needs a new pack really bad and there’s no other site on the Internet I’d buy from for Sitka gear. You guys know what you are doing and talking about…and I like that! Thanks for the chance! Lori

      • Thank you Lori, we appreciate your comments and wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck on the drawing. We greatly appreciate your business and appreciate you leaving such awesome feedback on the products as well.

        • Thanks! He doesn’t know I’ve done this, so it would be great! We have watched the backpack videos together and he describes what he wants as having a compression closing feature. Not sure which packs are best for what he’s wanting. He just came back from a dirt bike trip in the Moab and he wasn’t happy with his pack at all.

  28. Those are all great questions, thanks for the info.

  29. I have had great service from you in the past. In the market for a new pack so will be following the blog and you website.

    • We appreciate you sharing those comments with us and all the viewers, and appreciate the business you have given us. If you need any assistance with choosing a pack please let us know.

  30. I have had a badlands pack for few years, great quality no problem with it. Although it would have been nice if it was lighter in weight. Hunting in the Colorado mountains, chasing after Elk, any amount of weight you can shave off counts.

  31. Thank you for your reply and your comments Dona, we greatly appreciate it.

  32. I sure love that you now have this added to your site, I always look forward to reading and watching your posts on your packs. Still trying to make that final decision on which pack, but I’m sure Ill find all the info in this one place now! Thanks, Brian

    • Thanks Brian, there is many different types too choose from, we can certainly understand. We appreciate all your comments and thank you for posting.

  33. Try the sacrifice by badlands very light pack

  34. Glad to see you guys growing your business…top notch folks, great to do business with. I’ve purchased an Eberlestock pack and scabbard from you in the past and I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

  35. Eberlestock packs are great. I love my Blue Widow!

  36. Ordered a badlands sacrifice from you guys! Great purchase and buying experience! Top notch service start to finish!

    Thank you guys!

  37. Hello , you are good writer, i love

  38. Thanks for the great review on this pack. I have just recently found this pack. I am now torn between the X2 and this new Team Elk pack. Starting to lean toward this one. I like that the shoulder straps are adjustable, and has a full frame to it. Also a bit bigger than the X2. Thanks again for the review.

    • Thanks Philip,

      If you are a rifle hunter and the size is right then the Team Elk pack is a must. I will never hunt again with a pack without a scabbard when I am rifle hunting. It is so nice to have your rifle with you and not even feel like it. Hands free for glassing, your rifle sling not falling off your shoulder or having to hold it. The other great advantage to the scabbard is the protection of your rifle. Every time you stop you have to find a safe place to set your rifle down, with a built in scabbard it’s protected and don’t have to worry about it falling over!

      Hope to see you in the field,


      • Exactly why I am liking this pack. I rifle and bow hunt and it is set up to be able to carry either or both. Most are one OR the other. Checked one out at a local store today, this will be my next pack. Now to just save the cash for it.

        Thanks again

  39. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

  40. Very touching poem.

    I am going to recommend it to my friends.

    They’re going to love this webpage!

    Thankx again.

    • Thank you, it was just something I put together to show some appreciation for the troops. We appreciate your comments.

  41. I don’t even know how I stopped up here, but I assumed this put up was great. I do not realize who you might be but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already. Cheers!

  42. Thanks to everyone at Santana Outdoors. I am looking forward to a new Eberlestock pack!

  43. This seems to be a very efficient backpack. You can take it in camping trips, when hunting or when taking short walks in the woods.

  44. Do you have other racks on sale now or in fall ? I would be very interested in purchasing one, it seems a good and profitable deal.

  45. Eberlestock is what everyone should consider buying. The insolation makes the gear feel light and gives you enoungh movement space. Great job Santana. I have seen the product at my local gear shop and had the chance to try it out. I hope next week my team will buy a set.

  46. I enjoy calling the predators in rather than using decoys; it always works, not only for one, but for many animals. Don’t know what to say about the electronic ones, though.

    • Thanks for your input, I really appreciate the comments. It seems like a technique that could be a game changer depending on the time of year and location you are in. Its not a must, but can make a difference.

  47. I’m with you Philip – love this idea just have to save up the cash….

  48. Finally I am pleased to see a hunting pack which is also compact and light(aluminium). They have really done it this time and it fits my taste.

  49. I am a daily reader of santanaoutdoors blog and some of my latest comment regarding your articles have been deleted. I would like, if it is possible to ask for a reason for that fact. I would like to mention that I am interested in being an active member of this online comunity.
    Thank you.

    • Hello sir, I do apologize if some of your articles have been deleted. That is certainly not how we like to do business or treat our readers. Again I am very sorry. Up until just recently we were getting over 500 spam articles/responses every week, and it could have been registered or seen as spam, and for that I apologize. That is the only reason I could see that it was deleted. Please accept our apology in this matter.

  50. We all say thank you for the discount. Santana proved again that it is close to customers. It would be nice if SANTANA OUTDOORS could organise a hunting tournament. Just seen the news and looking forward for more articles.

    • Thank you for your kind words and support of our blog and our company, we greatly appreciate that from you. I think you have a fantastic idea, my wheels are turning as I respond to you. We are getting very near to predator/varmint season in our neck of the woods and it would be a great idea to host such a tournament. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  51. I am new hunting bigger game like deer and elk. Last year I toke my first bull elk and loved the whole experience. I was unfortunately using a handy down pack that i could not even pack meat out of with, the moral of the story is I am wanting to change this for this coming season. My dads cousin actually works for eberlestock and when i heard this i starting looking really into eberlestock packs, and i have chosen the team elk as the pack for me. I love the way it fit in the stores and that it is made here in my home state of Idaho. I cannot wait to save up and get this pack.

  52. The packs are ok, they supplied the NZ military and it was a bloody nightmare, worst thing they did was investing in those packs, nothing but never buy one, but hey most reviews I’ve seen are “sponsored”.

  53. My dad goes on hunting trips with his brothers a few times a year, so I was think about getting him some new gear for his upcoming birthday. I really like the print on this jacket, because most hunting outerwear all look the same. Camouflage doesn’t always have to mean leafy green patterns, and I bet my dad would appreciate something different.

  54. This is a really well-designed hunting jacket, I love the style. The antler design is perfect for any avid hunter. I wonder if my brother would be interested in one of these for his birthday. Perhaps I will have to think about how often he would use it.

  55. great post

  56. This pack is extremely comfortable and versatile, I appreciated the waist-belt rangefinder pockets feature,
    very convenient
    I bought it and still very happy with my choice up to now!

  57. Getting a good boot and insole is step one, after that you need to focus on socks. My favorite are from First Lite. They offer three socks; Mountain Athlete Compression, the Mountain Athlete Cold Weather, and the Mountain Athlete Crew. I’ve run all three and like the versatility and durability they offer. Merino is by far my favorite base layer and these socks are a hidden gem in First Lite’s solid product line.

  58. Good Post!

  59. You share a great thing and describe only one hunting knife for us. I think not only me but also many users will be benefited from your helpful post and all around hunting knife. Thank you for posting this helpful post.

  60. I can say this is the most suitable product for hunters. It has 7 pockets from top to bottom. Very convenient

  61. great reviews. Thank

  62. I rarely use a blind. They often stand out too much for my liking. I prefer to lie down in a plastic pond box, similar to a kids sled, and cover myself with some cheap cammo mesh, then a few handfuls of salt hay from the area I’m hunting. Takes just a few minutes and I all but dissapear.

  63. Really this is a nice and good blog.i love this.your every review is really effective.As a hunter, i want to know that what we should we do the rainy season for hunting.

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