Thursday , April 26 2018
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Welcome to Santana Outdoors Blog.

We will be bringing you the latest news in Outdoors adventure. Santana Outdoors specializes in Premium Hunting Gear. Thank you for visiting.

Eric Santana

About Santana Outdoors

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  1. Hi Outdoorsmen, Welcome to our new blog. We will be bringing you the latest and best information on Premium Hunting Gear and hunting news. Thank you for visiting us.

  2. Great to see reviews of products here. Always looking for the latest and greatest! Need a new pack before Fall,

  3. Just wanted to leave a quick comment. I’ve received top quality gear at fair prices with great customer service from your outfit. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  4. Profile photo of Chris G

    Recently bought 2 eberlestock packs and some great Sitka gear from you guys. Great customer service with quality products!! Find to find all of that in one place these days.


  5. I’m glad to see the pack reviews as I’m getting ready to gear up for Elk this Fall.

    Thanks for the super service in the past.

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      Thanks for checking out our reviews, we really appreciate the feedback. One question we have for our viewers is how do we do on time length? There is a tremendous amount of information to deliver, but at the same time we do not want to make them last forever, so let us know how we do on duration…thanks Steve.

  6. Profile photo of Brian Morrow

    I sure love that you now have this added to your site, I always look forward to reading and watching your posts on your packs. Still trying to make that final decision on which pack, but I’m sure Ill find all the info in this one place now! Thanks, Brian

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      Thanks Brian, there is many different types too choose from, we can certainly understand. We appreciate all your comments and thank you for posting.

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