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Eberlestock’s NEW X1E Euro Backpack!

Eberlestock’s NEW X1E Euro Backpack!

What’s new with the Eberlestock X1E Euro Backpack?

The Eberlestock X1E Euro hunting pack is a great day pack for the rifle hunter! It now features a centerline rifle scabbard and is a great change made by Eberlestock!

The pack was originally developed for the European market, where their customers are primarily gun hunters. The X1E pack has since been discovered to be a success here in the U.S. as well. The X1E is carefully made with premium components which were very thoughtfully laid out. It includes Eberlestock’s exclusive patented quickdraw backscabbard, and just enough pockets to organize your essentials.

Major features of the Eberlestock X1E Euro Backpack include:

  • NEW centerline rifle scabbard.
  • Padlock webbing tie-points all over the pack, including on the larger “mainline” waistbelt.
  • “Shooter’s harness” is vertically adjustable for varying torso lengths. It is both thinner for shooting, and more comfortable for heavier loads.
  • Equipped with handles on 3 sides making it easy to pick the pack up, especially when retrieving it from your trunk.
  • Hydration compatible pockets are on the inside back wall of the main compartment.



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