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Best or Top hunting pack Eberlestock Team Elk Hunting Pack M5

Best or Top hunting pack Eberlestock Team Elk Hunting Pack M5

Best hunting packs on the market.

One of Best Hunting packs on the market.

Top of the Top ten 10 best hunting packs! If you are looking for a day pack or 2 to 3 day pack in.

You need this pack if you day hike, over night trips, archery or rifle hunt. With the built in scabbard it will revoluionize your hunting, free up your hands for glassing, climbing, or just enjoying a hike. Great hunting gear doesn’t come along very often. We will be making a Video soon but here is a little info for now.

When I first saw this pack come in I thought it was going to be too small to handle my needs of day packing and my 2-3 day pack in trips, boy was I wrong. It has now become one of my favorite all around packs.

Eberlestock made this pack because he was invited to make a pack for the Rockey Mountain Elk Foundation’s Team Elk, when he accepted the challenge he decided that is was going to be one of the best all around hunting packs ever made. We have to agree, this pack is a must for “ALL” hunters. You not only will have one of the most versatile packs on the market but you will be supporting the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation because Eberlestock is giving part of the proceeds from the sale of each pack to the foundation, way to go Glen!

Eberlestocks only the second pack (X2 is the first) with a built in hip belt pouch 3100 cu in, carries a bow, built in “Tactical” scabbard that also has a zipper on top to second as another pocket. Has the same lightweight heavy duty harness that is on their biggest military and hunting packs that will carry more weight then most men can carry. I’ve talked to military guys that have packed more than 180 lbs, simply unbelievable.  The harness has to have enough padding to make big load comfortable, breathable and lightweight, Eberlestock has done that. At just a touch over 7 lbs.

With the Intex tubular aluminum frame you can use this pack for a day hike or a 3-5 day pack in with no problem. The front loading and top loading make finding what you what quick and easy. With the dual full depth hydration and spotting scope pockets that run from the top to bottom on both sides of the pack. Its also a great game hauler. I do not see how Eberlestock can top this pack, but knowing Glen I am sure he will. Hunting doesn’t get much better than this.

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Eric Santana – Santana Outdoors

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  1. The blue widow has been an incredible pack for archery hunting here in Colorado. Great pack!

  2. I really do like the look of this pack… got a chance to try it on at my local shop and feels great. If I end up passing my X2 onto someone, I will most likely pick this one up.

  3. You guys are gonna cost me…I already am a proud owner of an operator and a gunslinger II that I love. This pack will definately have a place in my equipment arsenal. Time to start saving my pennies…

  4. I am in the market for a new Eberlestock pack. I own the A1-X1 now. I have always had trouble finding a pack that fits me. I am 6’3” and most packs are just to short. I also need a pack to carry my custom rifle with a 28″ barrel. The only one that looks like might work is the J-107m. Do you guys stock these packs and can I drive up there and have you help me find the right fit? Where is your store?

    • Hi Jason, thanks for the reply. I think the Dragonfly and the J34 would be excellent choices, and would appear to suit your needs well. Yes we do stock all of the Eberlestock packs and accessories. We are up in Payson and if you want you can give me a call at 928-978-6139 and I can help you get to our warehouse where you can check out all the packs, try them on, etc etc. Feel free to bring your rifle and try out the scabbard and we can help adjust the shoulder straps to better fit your height, thanks again Jason.

  5. nate sigsworth

    I bought the elk hunter pack and I love it. Its going to be a great day and overnight pack. I loaded 50 pounds in it went for a short 3 mile hike, it felt great I can’t wait to see how it handles on a deer.

    • Thank you Nate, we love the design and all the function capabilities it has to offer. Its just a sweet versatile pack, and does great carrying a load. Because I bow hunt and rifle hunt, it is the perfect combination pack. Thanks again for the comments and feedback, have a great evening Nate.

  6. Thanks for the great review on this pack. I have just recently found this pack. I am now torn between the X2 and this new Team Elk pack. Starting to lean toward this one. I like that the shoulder straps are adjustable, and has a full frame to it. Also a bit bigger than the X2. Thanks again for the review.

    • Thanks Philip,

      If you are a rifle hunter and the size is right then the Team Elk pack is a must. I will never hunt again with a pack without a scabbard when I am rifle hunting. It is so nice to have your rifle with you and not even feel like it. Hands free for glassing, your rifle sling not falling off your shoulder or having to hold it. The other great advantage to the scabbard is the protection of your rifle. Every time you stop you have to find a safe place to set your rifle down, with a built in scabbard it’s protected and don’t have to worry about it falling over!

      Hope to see you in the field,


      • Exactly why I am liking this pack. I rifle and bow hunt and it is set up to be able to carry either or both. Most are one OR the other. Checked one out at a local store today, this will be my next pack. Now to just save the cash for it.

        Thanks again

  7. I’m with you Philip – love this idea just have to save up the cash….

  8. Finally I am pleased to see a hunting pack which is also compact and light(aluminium). They have really done it this time and it fits my taste.

  9. I am new hunting bigger game like deer and elk. Last year I toke my first bull elk and loved the whole experience. I was unfortunately using a handy down pack that i could not even pack meat out of with, the moral of the story is I am wanting to change this for this coming season. My dads cousin actually works for eberlestock and when i heard this i starting looking really into eberlestock packs, and i have chosen the team elk as the pack for me. I love the way it fit in the stores and that it is made here in my home state of Idaho. I cannot wait to save up and get this pack.

  10. The packs are ok, they supplied the NZ military and it was a bloody nightmare, worst thing they did was investing in those packs, nothing but never buy one, but hey most reviews I’ve seen are “sponsored”.

  11. This pack is extremely comfortable and versatile, I appreciated the waist-belt rangefinder pockets feature,
    very convenient
    I bought it and still very happy with my choice up to now!

  12. great reviews. Thank

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