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Eberlestock Clothing Firebase,Fortress, Forward Ops Premium Hunting Gear

Eberlestock Clothing Firebase,Fortress, Forward Ops Premium Hunting Gear



Eberlestock Firebase

Eberlestock Clothing is going to be one the list for “Premium Hunting Gear” Glen Eberle like always took his time in teaming up with the best clothing manufacturer. This stuff is made in Finland, go ahead you can say “WOW”, finally a product not made in China! Thank you Eberlestock. The Firebase Jacket is a breathable “puff” jacket that is perfect for a warm outer layer during cold weather activity and can be used for a middle layer for extra warmth which is needed for those static situations in moderately cool weather like treestands or blinds. For you technical people this jacket and pants will be made with “G-loft” insulation which is a single wide-hollow tube similar to polar bear hair, which gives both lighter weight and more dead-air space which is the ultimate goal for an insulating layer. As always, Eberlestock has set the bar for everything they do! We are excited about this new product and think you will be too. More coming soon at Santana Outdoors.

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    If eberlestock clothing is built half as well as their packs, it will be better than most of the competition.

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    I *LOVE* my Eberlestock X3. I just recently got my matching Eberlestock Large Accessory Pouch from you folks and I couldn’t be happier! I’m beginning to build my Bug Out Bag/ Survival Bag and I would love to see some reviews of sleeping bags from you all, as well as some expended inventory as well! From low-end up to the high-end. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks Santana Outdoors, and congratulations on this great Blog! I will certainly add it to me Favorites.

    – Daniel

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      Thank you for the reply Daniel, and the feedback on your X3. We love to hear opinions from our customers and we are glad to hear you enjoy the product. We will be having many more reviews to come and will be sharing them with all of our customers, thanks again and have a great evening.

  3. Eberlestock is what everyone should consider buying. The insolation makes the gear feel light and gives you enoungh movement space. Great job Santana. I have seen the product at my local gear shop and had the chance to try it out. I hope next week my team will buy a set.

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