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Desert Bighorns returning to the Catalinas?

The Arizona Game and Fish has announced its plan to reintroduce Desert Bighorns to the Santa Catalina Mountains.   At a cost of $600,000.00 over the next three years to reintroduce approximately 100 of the Desert Bighorns that the area has not seen since the 1990’s.  No doubt it would be welcome for many who live in the area to help return things as they were, but there is already a lot of speculation out there on the effects it will have in doing so.  There is reported to be quite a large population of  mountain lion in the area, which many wonder how that will impact the success.  Other folks wonder if  the area will be impacted by restricting access  for the hikers, hunters, and outdoorsman.  I have also read of fears that fire may push them out of the area again,  which Game and Fish plans to help control with the assistance of the Forest Service using controlled burns for protection.  It would certainly be an awesome site to see, especially for those who live close to the area, but time will certainly tell how successful it will be.  For the full article please see the link.

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