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Best Elk Call is the Steve Chappell Elk Matriarch

Looking for one of the best and easiest elk call on the market? Click here for the Steve Chappell M4 Matriarch Cow Calf Call Signature Series Steve Chappell is part of Cabelas Pro-Staff. One of the best Elk guides in Arizona and also a renowned elk caller. Watch the video below, you will understand why this call is the call ... Read More »

Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack

Eberlestock does it again. The latest evolution of the famous J34 Just One pack says it all,  “If you’re going to own just one hunting pack, you should make it a “Just One.” We get lots of calls asking for a pack that can be a 3-7 day pack in pack, meat hauler and a day pack! The Eberlestock J34 ... Read More »

Hunting Blind kills Trophy Elk

Tim Means is a “Totally Blind” hunter that was helped by some very special friends last fall. Tim shot this elk at 175 yds. He uses a “red dot” type sight that his helper can see over his shoulder to guide him in for a shot. When he is on target the helper tells him and he pulls the trigger.  ... Read More »

Arizona Coues Whitetail –

Arizona Coues Whitetail Buck – We’re not looking for just any buck, but this one. After 4 different youth hunters and 5 years of trying to get this buck, Dalton did it. Congratulations to Dalton, his hard work, persistence and his dad, Mike. He took this buck at 550 yards and then carried it up the steep side of the ... Read More »

First Lite Clothing North Branch Jacket – Premium Hunting Gear

The First Lite North Branch Soft Shell Fleece lined Jacket along with the pant is a perfect fit for comfort. I was completely impressed by the design of this product which allows for freedom of movement and includes complete thermal regulation for comfort throughout my entire day.   Not waterproof but highly water resistant, wind proof and breathable. 3 pockets! ... Read More »

Sitka Gear – Traverse Zip T Hoody

Sitka Gear Clothing – New Premium Hunting Gear: Sitka Gear Traverse Zip T Waterfowl! It’s no secret that Sitka Gear Clothing is a new favorite among sport hunters, and their latest Traverse Zip T waterfowl outerwear is another must-have item for any premium hunting gear collection. The Traverse line is my favorite. Check out the hoody http://www.santanaoutdoors.com/sitka-gear-traverse-hoody/ Read More »

Sitka Gear Downpour Pant Forest – Featured Product

This Week’s Featured Product: Sitka Gear Downpour Pant Forest People who go out for long hunting sessions will definitely have to experience rain. In that kind of a situation, you should be equipped with a waterproof pant. The experts at Sitka Gear have provided an ideal solution for you through Sitka Gear Downpour Pant Forest. It is specifically designed to ... Read More »

First Lite Wool Boundary Stormtight Jacket

This weeks featured product is the First Lite Wool Boundary Stormtight Jacket.  First lite is rapidly gaining attention and growing very fast due its outstanding products and performance.  From lightweight, to full on insulated hunting clothing, First Lite rises to the bar.  Take a look at the First Lite Wool Boundary Stormtight Jacket, and enjoy staying dry this winter while ... Read More »

Sitka Gear Incinerator Jacket

We at Santana Outdoors invite you to check out one of the best hunting jackets on the market anywhere, and that is the Sitka Gear Incinerator Jacket.  Specifically designed for late season whitetail hunters, it is engineered to fit your body like a glove.  With the incorporation of Gore Tex, and being insulated as well, this jacket is like wearing a ... Read More »

Sitka Gear Traverse Hoody

Probably the most worn piece of Sitka Gear I own is the Sitka Gear Traverse Hoody.   Hunting or not, I wear it almost everyday throughout the fall and winter.  Extremely comfortable, with moderate insulation, yet lightweight and breathes better than anything Ive ever worn.  Here is a piece that has great protection against the wind, offers insulation of what feels like ... Read More »

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