Wednesday , July 18 2018
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Best Hunting Packs or Tactical Eberlestock vs Mystery Ranch vs Kifaru

Best hunting or tactical packs. We took the Eberlestock Battleship $430, Kifaru Long Hunter with XL lid $700 and a Mystery Ranch MR Kodiac bag $600. All three are top best of the best. If you are looking for a 5-7 pack in pack that will carry 120 lbs PLUS, then all three can do it. The Eberlestock had a few more features then the other two, a few more pockets, some extra molly webbing for attaching more, we feel a better breathable harness. The MR & Kifaru had extra padded hip belts which is critical on extremely heavy loads. The Kifaru has an extra large pad (compared to Eberlestock) that goes into the small of your back that to some it is great, especially with back problems. I highly recommend you fit the pack to you properly, we do have a video on that on our FAQ on our website. All in all you won’t go wrong with any of them, they are all awesome packs and we were impressed with the quality put into each of them. Here is a video specifically on the Battleship

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  1. Excellent video! Love my Eberlestock!

  2. I really like your videos, they always help me make an informed purchase! I’m still loving the Eberlestock Half-track I purchased from you last year!

  3. Can’t imagine any of the packs being “better” than the eberle. Mine has held up for years under some pretty heavy loads and rough treatment. Factor in the cost difference and its the brand I recommend to every buddy of mine looking for a new pack. I have three eberlestocks and have bought two more as gifts. Can’t say enough good about them.

  4. Nice Video comparsion. Eberlestock makes a great pack!

  5. All three are great choices. My personal favorite is the Eberlestock.

  6. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

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