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Best Elk Call is the Steve Chappell Elk Matriarch

Best Elk Call is the Steve Chappell Elk Matriarch

Looking for one of the best and easiest elk call on the market? Click here for the Steve Chappell M4 Matriarch Cow Calf Call Signature Series

Steve Chappell is part of Cabelas Pro-Staff. One of the best Elk guides in Arizona and also a renowned elk caller. Watch the video below, you will understand why this call is the call elk bulls love to hear! This elk game call produces all cow/calf mews and nasally sweet estrus sounds. Can produce and imitate the estrus scream. Part of the Steve Chappell elk Matriarch Signature Series. Also look at the others.

The estrus scream is what brings in the big bulls. The cow elk is saying, “I am ready and here I am.” I’ve done a lot of elk hunting and never have I had a call that is so easy. I listen to Steve blow this call and then duplicate, it’s simple. I personally cannot use a mouth reed call and this is the closest thing to it.

Steve has other calls that are awesome as well and recommended to have in the field. The Steve Chappell 140 Who’s YRR Daddy Cow Elk Call and the Steve Chappell F1 Trophy Wife Cow Calf Call Signature Series , our number one is the Matriarch.

Watch Steve use the Matriarch call. He is teaching how to use it and a bull starts bugling behind him and starts to come in. Watch him on youtube and all the success he has had and you will see why this call is number one. If you can find one better, please let me know.

At the time of this article we have this priced at $25.95 with free shipping. We specialize in Premium Hunting Gear and this item is our number one Elk Call, Premium Hunting Gear.

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